floatation therapy

"Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique".  By simply taking gravity out of the equation, all senses and environmental strains are removed by floating weightlessly in highly saline water in our REST pod.

Consider pairing your float with a private Himalayan salt room session as well.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your float session.  Floaters will shower before and after their session.  Make sure to bring provisions to remove and store eye contacts.  No bleeding conditions allowed.


• Provides ultimate relaxation
• Alleviates pain
• Relieves stress and lowers cortisol levels
• Improves mental clarity
• Lowers blood pressure
• Heightens inner peace and overall well-being

How does floatation therapy work?

The sensory deprivation tank is also know as a float pod, float tank, salt tank, salt pod, float spa or isolation tank.  The highly salted water inside the float spa is heated to the temperature of your skin to allow a sense of total weightlessness without any friction. Due to the high salt level, buoyancy is easily achieved and sustained similar to the water in the Dead Sea. A typical session last 60-90 minutes. The sensation of zero gravity calms the mind and removes pressure from the body.  Inside the tank offers a space 60"x85" area for floating.  There are no weight restrictions either.  Just make sure you are able to climb in/out like you would in a bathtub.  You can close the hatch or prop it open as well as turn the light on/off. 

This is your time so enjoy it as you want to.  Some people like to sleep. Others like to go in with nothing on their minds so that they are open to what comes to them. While some of us like to go in with a specific idea/concept to meditate on so we can, without any interruptions, examine the concept through many facets.  What ever the goal, floating is an evolution not necessarily a revelation.

How is the water inside the float tank maintained?

The high salt content within the pod provides a naturally sterile environment.  However, the NC Board of Health requires the use of Bromine as well.  We filter the entire water volume between float sessions to provide the ultimate hygienic float experience.

How do I prepare for a float session?

Eat a light meal a few hours before your session. Avoid shaving or tanning before a session to prevent skin irritation. Bring any personal products you would like to use after your float session although our showers come equipped with body wash, shampoo and conditioner for your convenience. 

Please don't hesitate to call us for further questions and to book your float appointment today! 336-996-9642

A quick "How-To" video on floating in sensory deprivation tanks. In this video we address the steps of floating along with how to overcome claustrophobia at The Float Lounge.

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