Instructors - An extraordinary group, each with their own extraordinary practice and passion, committed to serving an extraordinary community. 



Yoga sort of fell into my life… at the time I was ready to listen! Over the years, many friends had suggested yoga as a way to de-stress, become more physically fit and find some peace in life - but at the time I was too pre-occupied to stop long enough to give it a chance. About 4 years ago I actually needed something to focus on - and yoga surfaced to help provide that! I received my 200 hour training in Aug. - Sept. 2013 from Jimmy Barkan. It was the most rewarding experience of my life.



After practicing Bikram yoga on and off for 14 years, Megan did her Hot yoga teacher training in Fort Lauderdale FL in early 2018. She and her husband have moved around the country a good deal over the past 10 years, many of which were in an RV. Some locations have been better than others, but she feels that there is beauty and love everywhere; you just have to open yourself up to it.

Megan is an avid Masters swimmer and has been a Masters swim coach/Adult swim instructor for the past 8 years. She believes in a healthy lifestyle rich in yoga, art, exercise and eating a diet of sustainable GF whole foods. She brings an energetic and sympathetic nature to her classes, and enjoys helping others find their beauty and love. When she's not swimming, eating, or practicing yoga, she and her husband are building a retreat on their property so people can enjoy the beauty NC has to offer, while participating in art and yoga classes, or learning about sustainable farming/gardening.



Courtney believes that yoga can take many forms but a daily physical practice of perfected asanas (poses) has its indisputable benefit. She developed her practice in bikram, power yoga, vinyasa flow, and kundalini in NC and California and has taught yoga since 2012. She is a dedicated teacher and works hard to make a comfortable space for all people to develop a basic knowledge and understanding of yoga.

After moving from California, Courtney played a hand in the local Winston-Salem studio the Breathing Room, while also teaching a variety of classes at the Yoga Gallery, the YWCA, Yoga Dogz, FCC, in private spaces, and at Village Yoga. She has been practicing for over 12 years and continues to delight in discovering the benefits of the practice along with her students.

Courtney has studied and taught various styles including meditation, restorative yoga, chair yoga, to more vigorous vinyasa flows and power yoga.



Yoga has been a constant in my life for over 40 years.

My breath-based teaching style was originally designed for my personal journey to health and balance while recovering from breast cancer. The calming therapeutic benefits of linking purposeful breathing techniques with gentle flowing motion was very instrumental in relieving stress, tension, stiffness, and pain while allowing me to regain full range of motion.  I am extremely passionate about this mission and I love teaching the art of pranayama!



I was introduced to hot yoga in Winter 2010 and began teaching in Spring 2011.  Yoga has taught me what it means to truly let go and connect with my inner self. Each practice brings me a step closer to a journey of self-discovery and healing. I am grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with others through the Hot Yoga Therapy studio.

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I began my yoga journey in high school and discovered my calling as a teacher in 2002 when I moved from being a student in a YMCA class to leading it. I graduated from the 500-hour teacher training program at Sunrise Yoga Studio in September 2017.

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it's adaptable to every stage of your life. My practice has changed over the years from strong and energetic to slower and more meditative now that I'm over 60. Yoga meets you wherever you are to give your body, mind, and spirit whatever it needs.



Deborah is an E-RYT Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Certified NAHA Aromatherapist. A lifelong spiritual practitioner and her teachings reflect traditional multicultural meditation forms.

She offers classes in Japa Mala meditation, an ancient form of meditation the involves repetition with a mantra. Meditating with a japa mala has been shown to help respiration, reduce stress, calm the mind, and encourage well-being. Mala meditation is perfect for beginners, as well as those who already have an established meditation practice.


LILIANA (atvara founder)

Liliana has always been drawn towards the active pursuit of a peaceful state of mind. Naturally, when she discovered yoga, she was in her element. Yoga facilitates her passion for physical and mental wellness.  As a teacher, Liliana shares her gifts of knowledge, listening, caring, and wanting to serve others.

Liliana received her yoga teacher training certification in 2018 at Asheville Yoga Center.  To compliment her yoga training, Liliana has studied psychology and has a master’s in Language Translation.  She is an avid researcher and explorer of all things that can help people obtain wellness.

Liliana's goals are to create a space where teachers can deliver their individual gifts and strengths, where students can find breakthrough knowledge and practices to improve their lives, and where everyone can feel welcome and intentionally find peace.